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Lambda Global - in nutshell, our name says it all!
Lambda is the 11th letter of Greek alphabet. For professionals in science and engineering, Lambda has always been "wavelength". It continues to be so today. And will continue in future, even in midst of sweeping changes by the day. And that is also the essence of Lambda Global, a professional entrepreneurial venture. We are characterized by;

     Operating at your wavelength!
     Continuing with traditional values and work ethics!
     Embodying contemporary thought and state-of-art work practices!
     Leading the charge into future with stability and change!
     Thoroughly professional in approach!
     Multi-disciplinary competence in science, engineering and technology!
     Out-of-box thinking to generate lasting value-propositions!
     Healthy breeding ground for path breaking innovations!
     Being more than sum of parts!
     Believing in continuum of knowledge!
     Investing in teams and relationships!
     Working holistically!

That sums up Lambda Global.
Lambda Global, the name, conveys our culture, creed, competence and vision. And there is some more... delivering lasting value through technological and managerial excellence.

Lambda Global!
  A technology company with a difference.
  Building on, and carrying forward, a strong tradition of professionalism and excellence since 1992.

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