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Lambda Global is structured into a number of divisions- each one operating in clearly defined, specific business domains. All the divisions, driven by, and subscribing to the Lambda Values- a common culture, value system and vision at Lambda Global, as reiterated above, remain fully focused on their respective expertise and competence, in a constant endeavour to enhance the value proposition to their clients, and to society at large. Lambda Global is presently organised into the following seven divisions;

     Innovations Division (IND)
     Systems Engineering Division (SED)
     Security, Automation and Safety Division (SSD)
     Electro Mechanical Division (EMD)
     Special Projects Division (SPD)
     Food & Hospitality Division (FHD)
     Aviation Division (AVD)

The above divisional structure at Lambda Global is not cast in stone, and various expertise available across all the divisions come together to deliver the most effective solution to our esteemed clients, any time every time.

Come, experience the Lambda wave!

Innovations Division
Innovations Divisions (IND) at Lambda Global is the fountainhead and remains at the centre stage of product and process innovations, providing novel, path breaking products and services to other divisions for various applications domains, and supporting other divisions in their own efforts, whenever required. The division enjoys core capabilities in holistic design, development, production and support for SW, embedded, electronic, electrical, mechanical and electro-mechanical systems.
Besides undertaking design, development and continuous improvements for its own concepts and products, and of those of other divisions at Lambda Global, the IND also collaborates with like-minded external entities for joint development of products and processes.
IND has already developed number of path breaking concepts, products and systems in various industry segments, including civil aviation, power, civil infrastructure and ship building industries. And the saga continues!
The division is set to acquire a formal status of a recognised R&D house.

Systems Engineering Division
SED at Lambda Global is an effective practitioner of system engineering to conceptualise, implement, test and validate large and complex system of systems, to meet the desired and prioritized set of performance goals. The division applies scientific, engineering, and management effort to:
Transform an operational need into a description of system performance parameters and a system configuration through the use of an iterative process of definition, synthesis, analysis, design, test, and evaluation.
Integrate related technical parameters and assure compatibility of all physical, functional, program and human interfaces in a manner that optimizes the total system design.
Incorporate reliability, maintainability, safety, survivability, human factors, and other relevant factors into the total engineering effort.

Besides the above, SED enjoys unique and multi-disciplinary capabilities in the area of system integration (as contrasted from system interfacing), E3 (Electro-Magnetic Environment Effects) relevant for electromagnetic environments and ESS (Environmental Stress Screening) relevant for physical environmental stresses on equipment and systems.
These capabilities enable SED to offer ruggedization services, to re-engineer off the shelf equipment to make it withstand electro-magnetic and physical environmental stresses. SED also undertakes management and technical consulting services in all the above areas for our clients to help them engineer and manufacture their equipment and systems, meeting all functional and incidental performance specification with minimal rework within in time and cost budgets.

Security Automation and Safety Division
SSD at Lambda Global delivers world classworld-class, integrated solutions in security, automation, safety and law enforcement domains. Our solutions are purposeful and most effective from functional as well as cost performance perspectives. We conceptualise and help realise such solutions in context of residential, commercial, industrial, transportation and strategic facilities, in fact in all facets of modern society, with all its attendant challenges and expectations. SSD is minutely focused on, and constantly strives to develop and upgrade core capabilities in back-end technologies, such as situation awareness, decision support and simulation & modeling amongst others. SSD also thrives in a unique organizational milieu of thinking out of the box. The combination of technology focus, organization culture of creativity and intimate understanding of the application domains, enables SSD to deliver most effective concept development, assimilate all aspects of SSD works with various suppliers of leading edge sensors and systems and through a large network of system integrators to deliver end-to-end solutions to the user.

Electro-Mechanical Division
EMD division enjoys core expertise in electronics, electrical and mechanical engineering as well ergonomics and HCI design. The division remains focused on various environmental issues and challenges and utilizes a holistic approach to develop, engineer and supply an ever increasing range of highly usable products, systems and equipment for diverse applications in communications, agriculture, water resources, irrigation etc. The EMD also works in partnership with other global players, through collaborations, distributorship and agency arrangements to supply and support world class products to the demanding requirements of our clients.

Special Projects Division
Quite often in our interactions with discerning clients, we do come across a diverse set of interdisciplinary requirements and expectations that are difficult to fit into the straight jackets of specific technology and management domains with the industry in general and even within our existing divisional architecture. SPD is our response to such unique challenging expectations and requirements of our clients.

Food & Hospitality Division
FNH Division at Lambda Global enjoys top of the class expertise and is the depository of domain knowledge and processes for Food, Hospitality, Adventure Sports, Life Styles and Wellness segments of human endeavour.

Aviation Division
With extensive experience and expertise in all aspects of civil aviation and a proven track record, Aviation Division (AVD) at Lambda Global is fully geared for planning and operating civil aviation operations of any hue, including airlines, airports, MRO facilities and various support services. The AVD prides itself, not only for its past laurels but also on it being alive to futuristic trends in operations and technology, providing best of both worlds to our clients.

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